The picture below has been taken from Gustavo Dalmasso’s portfolio of activist inspired shots & posted on the FCS blog not least for its striking visual appearance, but more so for impact of the pictorial content. That said, the message being communicated  is doing more than enough to echo the current mood within Freedom Camp 70 space at the moment.

Hmm…food for thought.

Recognizing the effort & focus it takes to think & do without boundaries can be both an uncomfortable & overwhelming experience, but the question that lurks in the background during these challenging times is “what’s the worse that can happen?” if we do choose to do & think differently. Of course we could plea ignorance in our stagnated state, resigning ourselves to what we know or, & this is just a suggestion, we could just do as Robert Strauss suggests on his 2005 track Ouija (see player below for a cheeky listen) & just…well…find a way to do something different & walk a road not yet travelled.    We should be inspired to live in the truth whatever the consequence, whatever the outcome, whatever the struggle.  What we may find is a truth that promotes a approach to life that really could just be as black & white as Dalmasso’s picture illustrates

Freedom through revolution within  is a very real & tangible possibility…

Freedom Camp 70 & out.

Robert Strauss ‘Ouija’ taken from the Robert Strauss LP, Quasars & Phasars, 2005